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Advantages of Booking Direct

As an independent tour operator, we at Your London Tours endeavour to focus on an enjoyable tour experience, value for money and customer care. This is made possible by dealing with you, the customer, in booking direct. Here are 5 jolly good reasons why this policy is an advantage to all our customers.

Book Direct with Your London Tours

1) CONTACT: Because you are booking direct, we can offer clear one-stop contact: all enquiries go through ONE e-mail system (tours@yourlondontours.com). This includes all bookings and queries concerning our prices, policies, payment options, terms & conditions, etc. Working with an individual customer’s string of enquiries like this, we have little chance of lost communication or cross-wires, and can offer a more friendly, personal service.

 2) SERVICE: Because you are booking direct, we can offer a superior product. As we are exclusively involved in the tour itinerary, we can tell you exactly what is and isn’t possible, and thus a more comfortable tour experience. Many travel agents will promise unfeasible, unworkable or over-ambitious tour itineraries. They simply have no idea of timings, logistics and costs involved. (We once had an enquiry from an agent asking us to arrange a tour of London AND Edinburgh in one day!). Also, we are not bound by travel industry tour agendas, which means we can offer a wide choice of enjoyable tours. In addition, the details of your tour are passed directly to the guide, so there is less chance of itinerary error, such as pick-up or drop-off, schedule or timings. These types of problems can be rife when dealing via travel agents.

 3) PRICE: Because you are booking direct, we do not have to pay fees or commissions to travel agents, concierges, or other third-parties for passing on business. Thus, we can maintain one simple price plan for ALL our services, avoiding complicated and confusing tariffs and avoiding unlisted extras. For some attractions it may be necessary for us to book standard tickets in advance, yet unlike many travel agents, we do not charge a commission for booking such tickets. See our full price plan here.

 4) SECURITY: Because you are booking direct, we can employ more rigorous checks in order to protect your personal data and privacy. It means we have no need to store personal information of any customer, nor do we share personal data or customer banking or debit/credit card information of any customer with anyone else. Because we are not bound to any third-party contracts, it means that we are free to help you even if we cannot take your booking, If this situation happens, we will inform you and provide details of another trusted operator who may be able to help. In addition, we do not seek commissions for passing on business, nor do not pass on personal details. It is your choice if you want to contact them. See our full data security policy.

 5) RECOURSE: Because you are booking direct, if anything goes wrong, you have a simple recourse of action. We offer a full immediate refund of the total cost of the tour, or alternatively, a discount on a rearranged tour, if a tour cannot go ahead for any reason, and the fault is accepted by Your London Tours or its partners. Of course, clients should always acquire adequate insurance to cover any loss as a consequence of flight delays, illness, or circumstances which may cause a tour to be cancelled. See our full tour terms and conditions.

So, rest assured with Your London Tours, and make us your first port of call for a trip to remember.

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