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This tour runs Fridays only*, subject to attraction schedules and guide availability.

Your personal guide will meet you at your central London hotel or agreed meeting point at 9am. Then, making use of the ‘tube’ (the Londoners’ nickname for the subway transit system), we explore the fascination with Royalty, famously described by the late Prince Philip as: ‘a lunacy people enjoy!’ Our Royal London Private Tour represents what London does best: palaces, pomp and ceremony. Tickets to all attractions in your itinerary will be pre-booked and added to your tour price.

● Westminster Abbey
● Royal Stables
● Changing of the Guard
● Kensington Palace

● Buckingham Palace (option during Summer openings)*
This tour takes in the magnificent state rooms and gardens of London’s royal HQ. We can’t promise an invite for tea but we can promise you’ll be impressed. This is an audio-guided tour but your guide can accompany you at your request.
*Note: This option may be chosen instead of either Westminster Abbey or Kensington Palace to make up your Royal London Private Tour.

*Why does this tour only operate on a Friday?
● Monday: Kensington Palace closed.
● Tuesday: No Changing of the Guard during Autumn, Winter or Spring. Kensington Palace closed. Royal Stables closed.
● Wednesday: Royal Stables closed.
● Thursday: No Changing of the Guard during Autumn, Winter or Spring.
● Saturday: No Changing of the Guard during Autumn, Winter or Spring.
● Sunday: Westminster Abbey closed.


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Private day tour in London by ‘tube’.
Fridays only, 9am-5pm.
● Conducted by officially accredited guide.
● Guide will meet at any central London residence.
Price for 1 to 10 persons: £460.00*
    – *plus travel tickets (as needed) at £10 pp.
    – *plus pre-booked attraction tickets.

Westminster Abbey
Your personal guide will give you a tour of the one of the world’s greatest churches. A focus for royal events, this tour visits the place where kings and queens have been crowned for a thousand years. Your guide will take you through a Gothic labyrinth where you’ll discover the tombs of the legendary royal women of the past, such as the Virgin Queen, Bloody Mary and Mary Queen of Scots. See too, the magnificent Henry VII Chapel ceiling. In more recent times, the Abbey was the venue for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince William’s grandparents, the Queen and Prince Philip, married here too, as did his great grandparents, George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. It was also the venue for the memorable funeral of Prince William’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. Something of a national mausoleum, the Abbey is also the final resting places of Newton, Darwin and Dickens.
 Usually open Monday to Friday. Standard entry tickets pre-booked.

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Royal Stables
Your personal guide will accompany you on this inhouse tour of the stables known as the ‘Royal Mews’ which adjoin Buckingham Palace. Originally, the royal hawks were kept in ‘mews’ when moulting, but later this part of the palace was changed to the stabling quarters. Here you can find out about all the King’s horses and how they are looked after. This is a working stable for 30 horses and used on regular basis. The royal horses are exercised regularly and one may often catch them in action. As well as royal cars, we will also be able to view the magnificent collection of royal carriages, in particular, the Australian State Coach and the Irish State Coach which alternate in use by the Queen for the annual state opening of Parliament. Finally, the piece de resistance, the awesome Gold State Carriage – with wheels based on a Roman chariot – designed by William Chambers over 230 years ago, covered in 24 carat gold and weighing over 4 tons. It is still used today. Kids especially will enjoy this tour.
 Not Tuesday or Wednesday. Standard entry tickets pre-booked.

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Changing of the Guard
Your personal guide will accompany you to Buckingham Palace for a viewing of the Changing of the Guard ceremony. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men in the kind of pomp that only London does best. As we wait for the military marching band to strike up, your guide will explain this centuries-old tradition, run through the regiments that take part, regale you with regal tales, and, as the band marches by, bag you the best spot for photos of this popular pageant of colour.
● Free to view. The ceremony does not take place during wet weather. If cancelled on the tour date, guided tours of other attractions will be extended.

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Kensington Palace
Your personal guide will give you a tour of this royal palace set at the western edge of London’s Hyde Park (known as Kensington Gardens). Its history stretches from the 17th to the 21st centuries. The palace was originally lived in by King William III and Queen Mary II who ruled together. It was subsequently home to Queen Anne, George I and George II. Queen Victoria was born here. In 1837, at the tender age of 18, she awoke here one day to discover she was queen. The State Apartments were opened to the public on the occasion of Victoria’s 70th birthday. The palace was also famously the last home of Diana, Princess of Wales, and where her sons Princes William and Harry were brought up. The attached private residence is still the official London home of ‘William and Kate.’ In Nov 2017, Harry proposed to Meghan in the cottage next door. Apparently, he got down on one knee while they were ‘trying to roast a chicken’! There are often special royal collections on display. The Orangery in the garden is a pleasant place for refreshments.
  Not Monday or Tuesday. Standard entry tickets pre-booked.

Family London Tours London Attraction Small Kensington Palace


● Private day tour in London by ‘tube’.
● Friday, 9am-5pm.
Personal officially accredited guide.
 Guide will meet at any central London residence.
Price for 1 to 10 persons: £460.00*

Tour price does not include:

● Tube travel tickets. If required, these are added to the price at £10.00 person.
● Tickets to attractions: usually pre-booked by us at the attraction’s standard rate including any transaction fees.
● Meals or refreshments.
● Gratuities or tips to guide (at client’s discretion).

This tour uses the ‘tube’ (the Londoners’ nickname for the subway transit system). Here are five great advantages:

  1. Cost-effective: typically, a family of four can save over £150.00 on the previous car option. We can take larger groups too (up to 10).
  2. Time-effective: usually a faster way to get around the city, giving you more time to enjoy your tour. As London Transport advertising once proclaimed: ‘It’s quicker by tube!
  3. Eco-friendly: kinder to the environment, and healthier too, with a little more walking involved. Not too much, but enough to burn off some excess calories!
  4. Engaging: interact with the city, just like a local.
  5. Iconic: adds another dimension to the London visitor experience. As the oldest and largest underground transit system in the world, it’s practically an attraction in itself.

Note: We do not offer this tour by car. The combined increased costs of fuel, parking, road tax, congestion charges and licences means we can no longer effectively provide a product of reasonable value.