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Genuine Customer Reviews!

We here at Your London Tours are very aware of how easy it is to simply invent favourable customer reviews and make up positive comments to promote services. Indeed, it’s rife in a very competitive industry. In a similar vein, some companies trying to establish a presence on social media will actually pay for ‘likes’ (it’s true, you can simply buy your way into favour!).


Well, business is business, and we don’t wish to make any judgement on others. But please allow us a little ‘virtue signalling’: All the testimonials and customer reviews from our clients that we put up on our website are absolutely genuine. And to prove it, we have made up a couple of montages of selected comments as can be seen above. Our clients have mostly written them by hand on hotel notepaper or on ‘thank you’ cards, to show their appreciation for our service.

One of our proudest testimonials in our collection is a letter from the US Air Force (the one shown in the centre of the image). A transcript of the letter is laid out below:

Dear Your London Tours

I am writing to extend my personal appreciation and the sincere gratitude of our forty-six person tour group and of our entire military chapel community. We all thank you for your support of our airrmen and their families. The professional coach tour of your beautiful city will never be forgotten.

I would like to extend special thanks for the superior services of our exceptional guide. Everyone has been raving about the extraordinary ability to address a broad range of topics at an amazing depth. His knowledge and humor were the perfect mix to educate and entertain our eclectic group of adults and children.

There is one specific item I must mention. The guide saved the day by getting us into Westminster Abbey after our tour was complete with him. The line (queue) was so long we never would have made it without his blue-badge privileges. He went far beyond the call of duty (and our contract price) and actually stayed to guide us! We could all sense that he loves what he does and for that we are truly grateful.

Thanks again for a wonderful London experience and memories to cherish for a lifetime!


521 Fighter Wing (USAFE)
United States Air Forces Europe
Zeelandsedijk 10
Volkel Air Base, The Netherlands


Your London Tours chief tour administrator Jo Bull said: “It’s important that we present ourselves as a genuine company providing a first-rate service. The kind comments and customer reviews from our previously satisfied clientele go some way into helping prospective customers to make Your London Tours their first port of call for a trip to remember.

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