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Supporting the Tourism Trade

Showcasing London’s guided walks.

Guided WalkUK tourism went through a very damaging period during the recent pandemic, and we at Your London Tours felt that we should do our little bit to help the trade to recover.

Thus, we decided to refocus our Twitter/X account to showcase and promote guided London walks from all operators, not just ours, as a free service.

The account has been renamed “Your London Walks” with the username @yourlondonwalks and is edited and collated by our chief operating guide Kevin Frank Molloy.


At some point during a weekday, the following terms are typed into the Twitter/X search field:

  • “guided tour/s”
  • “walking tour/s”
  • “guided walk/s”
  • “london walk/s”
  • “london tour/s”

We search back for the use of the above terms over the previous 24 hours. If a guided walk operator has included at least one of the above terms in their post, we should be able to find and repost it.

It seems obvious, but we ask guided walk operators to remember to include the date, time and place of their walk, with a link to the booking options.

Posts promoting guided walks are usually reposted on weekdays. They are usually reposted in order of discovery.

We do not reply to any comments related specifically to reposts of guided walks.

Rules for inclusion: Your London Walks Twitter/X account does not promote:

  • Virtual walks.
  • Self-guided walks.
  • Walks outside London (the M25 corridor is used as a general boundary).
  • Walks of an overtly political nature or that contain overtly offensive material.

We reserve the right to refuse to repost.

Occasionally, and in addition to reposts, we will post cultural bits and bobs that we feel may be of interest to our followers as well as reviews of some visitor attractions.

Your London Tours chief administrator Jo Bull said: “the UK tourist trade needs all the help it can get to recover from the pandemic, and we hope that that customers will recognise that Your London Tours is doing its bit to support the tourism industry, as well as being the first port of call for a trip to remember.”