Family London Tours From London Main Oxford & Blenheim Palace Tour

This tour operates April to October, Monday to Friday, subject to attraction schedules and guide availability.

Your personal driver-guide will pick-you up from your central London hotel or place of residence at 8am. After a fast-route from London, this tour takes us to the county of Oxfordshire.

Blenheim Palace
Here, we visit an opulent palace set in magnificent parkland. Built to commemorate a great military victory over 300 years ago, this stately home is an example of the excesses of baroque architecture. Fascinating stories abound throughout its history and your guide will fill you in with the details as we wander the rooms at an easy pace. The grounds, designed in part by the famous Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, are simply stunning in its magnitude. There is also an opportunity to visit the churchyard in the nearby Cotswolds village of Bladon to see the simple grave where Winston Churchill is buried.

Your driver-guide will suggest appropriate lunch options on the day. Perhaps a village tea-room, riverside restaurant or traditional pub, perhaps the hidden pub where Bill Clinton allegedly ‘didn’t inhale’! Alternatively, you may want to bring a pre-packed lunch or just grab a sandwich. It’s your tour, it’s your choice. (Note: The Oxford & Blenheim Palace Private Tour price does not include food or refreshments).

A city famous throughout the world as a university centre. Your guide will explain the mysterious traditions of this ancient town, its college system, and the architecture which sets it apart from other centres of academia, and the real world!  With over 40 colleges, the city is stunningly picturesque. The poet Matthew Arnold famously described it as ‘That sweet city with her dreaming spires’.

You can usually choose from a number of college visits which your guide will suggest. Fans of Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland will recognize references at the great hall at the famous Christchurch College. There is also an option to visit the renowned Bodleian Library and the famous Ashmolean Museum. For a place to relax, there are many watering holes, including the famous Eagle & Child pub, where J. R. R. Tolkein, creator of the Lord of the Rings series, and C. S. Lewis, author of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would often meet for inspiration.



● Private day tour from London by car.
● April to October, Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm.
Personal officially accredited driver-guide.
Pick-up/drop-off: any central London residence.
● Price (based on number of passengers: max 7):
    1-2 = £700.00;  3-5 = £720.00; 6-7 = £740.00.
(includes tour vehicle, fuel costs, parking, taxes, tolls & local charges).

Tour price does not include:

● Tickets to attractions: usually pre-booked by us at the attraction’s standard rate including any transaction fees.
● Meals or refreshments.
● Gratuities or tips to guide (at client’s discretion).


● Private day tour from London by car.
● April to October, Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm.
● Conducted by officially accredited driver=guide.
● Pick-up/drop-off: any central London address.
● Price (based on number of passengers: max 7):
    1-2 = £730.00;  3-5 = £755.00; 6-7 = £780.00.
● Attraction tickets: for this tour we book standard
tickets in advance and add them to your tour price.

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