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This tour operates April to October, Monday to Friday, subject to attraction schedules and guide availability.

Your personal driver-guide will pick-you up from your central London hotel or place of residence at 9am. The tour first explores Churchill’s London war bunker, then, after a fast-route from London, we journey through the picturesque county of Kent to Chartwell Househis country residence.

Winston Churchill
Winston Spencer Churchill was recently voted greatest Briton of all time. He had a great historical impact, not just with his leadership during World War II, but right across the 20th century. Recently, there has been a flurry of movies dedicated to the great man, including the award-winning blockbuster The Darkest Hour. Our Private Winston Churchill Tour examines the man who battled to save civilization from the clutches of evil.

Churchill’s War Bunker
First we visit the award-winning Churchill War Rooms for a personally guided tour of the British Prime Minister’s underground HQ during WWII, accommodating map rooms, meeting chambers, and emergency living quarters. Deep in the capital’s corridors of power, it was sealed closed in 1945 and remained a secret until 1973. A fascinating time capsule, it also features the Churchill Museum.

Your driver-guide will suggest appropriate lunch options on the day. Perhaps a tea-room,  restaurant or traditional pub. Alternatively, you may want to bring a pre-packed lunch or just grab a sandwich. It’s your tour, it’s your choice. Note: Private Winston Churchill Tour price does not include food or refreshments.

Chartwell House
The tour then winds its way down to Kent, the ‘Garden of England’, harking back to the long, hot summer of 1940 when the Royal Air Force stood alone against Nazi Germany. As Churchill put it: ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.’ Kent features some of the most picturesque countryside. Thanks to the ‘Few’ it remains forever England. We visit Chartwell House , Churchill’s private country home. Here the gardening, plants, trees, buildings, waters and complete landscape are the vision of the great man. The house interior is also fascinating, and a guided tour uncovers his prolific work-rate. Churchill was no mean artist either, and we will view his famous paintings in his studio. We can also relax in the magnificent landscaped gardens with a superb panoramic vista of Kent, Churchill’s favourite view.

Note: We also offer a Winston Churchill 2-day Special Tour. Click here for more details.


● Private day tour from London by car.
● April to October, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.
Personal officially accredited driver-guide.
Pick-up/drop-off: any central London residence.
● Price (based on number of passengers: max 7):
  1-2 = £655.00;  3-5 = £680.00; 6-7 = £705.00.
(includes tour vehicle, fuel costs, parking, taxes, tolls & local charges).

Tour price does not include:

● Tickets to attractions: usually pre-booked by us at the attraction’s standard rate including any transaction fees.
● Meals or refreshments.
● Gratuities or tips to guide (at client’s discretion).


● Private day tour from London by car.
● April to October, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.
● Conducted by officially accredited driver=guide.
● Pick-up/drop-off: any central London address.
● Price (based on number of passengers: max 7):
    1-2 = £655.00;  3-5 = £680.00; 6-7 = £705.00.
● Attraction tickets: for this tour we book standard
tickets in advance and add them to your tour price.

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