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Top Tips for Your London Tours

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If you are planning a tour, perhaps for the first time, our London Tour top tips may help you avoid the stresses and strains of planning and organising such a trip.

Top Tips for London Tours

1. Book your tours well in advance: It will help us to help you.

2. Travel light: One large suitcase and one carry-on bag should suffice for a typical tour in London or indeed, anywhere in the world. You’ll save time, space and energy.

3. Taxi first: As top tips go, trust us on this one: When first arriving at the airport, spend the extra money and get a taxi direct to your hotel. London’s public transport system is not kind to the newly-arrived visitor from overseas, so avoid unnecessary stress at the start of your trip.

4. Less is more: Don’t overload your trip with an ambitious itinerary. You will end up seeing nothing at all. This is why we offer two or three attractions maximum to get the best value from your day.

5. Variety is the spice of life: If you are planning a day-tour for a family or group, try to select an itinerary with some balance, eg, one castle and one church, or one garden and one museum, etc.

6. The early bird: The earlier we start, the more you will get out of your day. Your London Tours recommends a start between 8am and 9am for most tours. It will help you beat the lines/queues too.

7. Have a good breakfast: It will give you the energy to enjoy the early part of your tour. You may also be less inclined to have a heavy lunch. Which brings us onto…

8. Go for a light lunch: Perhaps a sandwich: It will give you more time to enjoy the rest of your tour. A heavy lunch may leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon, and thus diminish the value of your tour.

9. Dress comfortably: We mean it. Especially footwear. Make allowances for the changeable British weather. Formal wear is not required on any of our tours. However, be aware that some places, especially churches, do not welcome too much bare flesh!

10. Relax! We all have our day-to-day stresses and strains. Taking a break with a tour is a great way to unwind. We try to encourage a friendly, informal and comfortable atmosphere between our guides and you. So, rest assured with Your London Tours, and most important of all our top tips: make us your first port of call for a trip to remember.

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