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Reasons to be Cheerful: Part 8

Your London Tours wants to encourage you to spend your vacation in the UK. But what can the UK offer that other countries can’t? In the latest instament of a blog series, we continue to list our all-time favourite places that can be visited in the UK.

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Welcome Back to Britain. This Month, English/Welsh Borders.


5 reasons to visit the England/Wales borders (A49).

  • Hereford Cathedral: Grade 1 stunning edifice dating back to the 8th cent.
  • Mappa Mundi: 13th cent concept of the world drawn onto Hereford calf skin.
  • Ludlow Castle: 12th cent Norman fortress built against unconquered Welsh.
  • St Laurence (Ludlow) 15th cent church famed for ‘sinful’ misericord carvings.
  • Churchstoke (Montgomeryshire): village with picturesque bridge over river.


5 reasons to visit the southern England/Wales borders.

  • Worcester: city famous for boots, shoes, gloves. And sauce!
  • Ledbury: town famous for rope, cider and perry.
  • Malvern Hills: limestone and granite geology produces pure spring water.
  • Forest of Dean: iron, ocre and coal – local mining rights preserved by law.
  • Symonds Yat: superb views of Wye valley. Rare raptors circle overhead.


5 reasons to visit the northern England/Wales borders.

  • Coalbrookdale: Industrial Revolution cradle. What Florence is to the Renaissance.
  • Iron Bridge: world’s first iron-framed bridge built by Thomas Telford in 1779.
  • Chester: city built on ancient Roman town – walls still extant. Famous for its zoo.
  • Chester Rows: medieval shopping mall featuring two-tiered timber buildings.
  • Chester Cathedral: exceptional example of transitional Norman-Gothic church.


5 reasons to visit Staffordshire:

  • Staffordshire Horde at the Potteries Museum: Anglo-Saxon treasures.
  • Wedgwood Factory: tour of the historic pottery manufacturers.
  • St Giles Church, Cheadle: The ‘Gem’ of Victorian Gothic designer Pugin.
  • Biddulph Grange Garden: High Victorian-style world garden.
  • Shugborough Hall: working stately home, farmyard, and craft centre.


Your London Tours chief administrator Jo Bull said: “We cannot force anyone to spend their vacation in the UK, but we can entice them with these recommendations. We hope they will take them into account when making Your London Tours their first port of call for a trip to remember.”