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Price Rises, Yes. But Our Tours Are Still Great Value.

Over the years, we have resisted major price rises on our tariff. However, for 2020, a number of factors have conspired to force us to increase our rates. We think it only fair that we should explain them to you.

Price rises

Three Reasons for Price Rises

Firstly, and most obviously, we have to react to the general increase in fuel prices as a result of the worldwide political and economic situation.

Secondly, we offer private tours by car for families of up to 7 persons. The only manufacturer in the UK that sells a comfortable 7-passenger car with luggage space is Mercedes (the V-Class). Since Mercedes only offer this vehicle in a diesel version, we are rather limited in choice. This means we now having to pay a surcharge on diesel fuel of up to 10% over petrol. On top of that, we now pay up to 90% more for parking diesel vehicles in central London, courtesy of the local borough councils.

Thirdly, in 2019, the Transport for London regulatory body decreed public passenger vehicles pay an extra tax for driving in central London. This is called the congestion charge and currently works out at about £12.00 a day.

Reasons to be Cheerful

On the plus side, our vehicles meet the regulation targets for ultra-low emissions, and, of course, we also offer our popular tours by tube. And there is some more good news: the prices for our guide rates have not changed and our cruise excursions and overnight touring rates have actually come down in price. In addition, we have changed the group/family numbering structure to 1-2 persons, 3-5 persons and 6-7 persons. That means the average price for a 5-person family tour by car has also come down in price.

Your London Tours chief administrator Frank Martins said: “Unfortunately, owing to various reasons, we have had to introduce some price rises for 2020. However, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we still offer tremendous value in the private tours market. That means the best qualified guides in luxury vehicles conducting award-winning tours. But don’t take our word for it, simply check out our competitors’ rates to see how we compare. We are certain that once again, customers won’t hesitate to make Your London Tours their first port of call for a trip to remember.