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Family-Friendly Tours Launched

Your London Tours has launched two new web pages for family-friendly tours: Family London Choice and Family Tours from London.

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Regular visitors to the Your London Tours website will know that we have always strived to make our tour offerings as family-friendly as possible. When we launched our Family London Tour two years ago, it quickly supplanted our Classic London Tour as the most popular tour we offered.



Now, in the London section, there is a Family London Choice page. Customers may choose any three options from the attractions listed to tailor their own full-day family London tour.  The attractions are divided into three categories: educational (Westminster Abbey; St Paul’s Cathedral; Tower of London; Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre), cultural (Royal Stables; British Museum; Natural History Museum; Science Museum), and recreational (London Eye; London Zoo; Diana Memorial Playground; Battersea Park).  This allows the customer to create a balanced itinerary using a combination of activities. And, of course, we offer both ‘tube’ or car transport options for our Family London Tour Choice, with a family of four typically saving over £200.00 by booking the tube option over the car option.


From London

In addition, our Family Tours from London page under the Tours from London section focuses on our main five family-friendly out-of-town tours. They are Windsor Castle & Hampton Court, Canterbury & Dover, Stratford & Warwick Castle, Harry Potter & Matilda and Battleships Ahoy!


Your London Tours chief administrator Frank Martins said: “We take our customer feedback seriously and try to react accordingly. Over the past year the words ‘Family’ and ‘Choice’ have come up time and time again. We are listening, and that is why we decided to go with two ‘Family Choice’ pages, one for our London tours and the other for our tours from London. We make recommendations, but allow the customer to decide on the final options. However, most of our tours can be tailored for families. So, in other words, when it comes to family choice, Your London Tours is the first port of call for a trip to remember.”