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Cry Freedom for Private Tours!

Your London Tours is breaking away from the ‘pattern book’ of tours offered by the scheduled tour service industry to give our customers an enhanced guided tour experience and more time to explore and enjoy the places they have chosen on their itineraries.

English City Tours

Old Habits

For years, private tour company itineraries in the UK have been dominated by the scheduled bus tour industry. This has been because most tour operators and guides in the private sector were trained ‘on the buses’ and the practices of that industry have become ‘ingrained’.

Scheduled bus tour itineraries are a case of transporting large groups of up to 50 disparate tourists from one place to the other. For practical purposes, this is in order to see as many attractions as possible in a day. With all the inherent problems of such a task, it’s more about logistics than good tour guiding practice. (See our blog post Private Tour with Us, Better than by Bus).

To be fair, this type of touring may be suitable to many, particularly those who are keen on ‘ticking it off the list’. The guides who conduct these tours are professionals but visitors get to see very little of the places they visit. The briefest of highlights, with very little actual guiding taking place.

To use an analogy, we see the difference between scheduled tours and private tours as the choice in grabbing a bite at a fast food chain versus the experience of enjoying a three-course meal at a gourmet restaurant, but with little extra cost involved.

New Tours

So that is why Your London Tours has determined to break away from the pattern book of stock tours. Now we are promoting three new English city tours: A Day in Bath, A Day in Cambridge and A Day in Oxford. It is our considered opinion that these three cities in particular deserve more time to explore and enjoy. Our tours will make the most of your time with a private guide. In addition, we are launching a Stonehenge and Salisbury tour. Here, a visit to the famous megalithic structure is tied in with the nearby historic city, which makes much more sense in a full day tour schedule.

Don’t worry if you would still prefer a private version of the bus schedule tours. Our previous ‘stock’ offerings, Bath & Stonehenge, Oxford & Blenheim Palace and Cambridge & Duxford will still be available under our More Tours from London section.

Your London Tours chief tour administrator Frank Martins said: “We are pleased to announce the promotion of these private tours dedicated to one town, where visitors get more time to ‘stand and stare’, to quote the poem. Indeed, it’s another reason to make Your London Tours the first port of call for a trip to remember.”

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