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Brexit and Your Tour? Time to Go – the £££ is Low!

Brexit is good news to most travellers from around the world visiting London and the UK. Why? Because Brexit means you get more for your money in UK hotels and restaurants, and more value from being a tourist in the UK with travel, attractions and tours.

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Over the past couple of years, the British pound sterling has fallen in value against the American, Canadian and Australian dollar, as well as against the Euro. This fall was accelerated by ‘Brexit’ (British Exit) which means Britain will be leaving the federal European Union. The vote to leave was achieved by a 52% to 48% referendum result in June 2016.

Generally speaking, Britain has always had an ambiguous relationship with the ‘Continent’. History advised many to be cautious about fully embracing the European dream, and despite being a full member of the EU since 1992, Britain never joined single the Euro currency nor accepted the border-free movement of people (Schengen). In addition, that wee stretch of water that separates Britain from mainland Europe makes a huge cultural difference in thinking. The Beefeaters of the Tower of London illustrate this best. Part of their duties is to lead the public tours round the Tower. They begin by gathering everyone together and asking where they are from: “Is anyone from Europe?” they ask. And several people will raise their hand. “Is anyone from Britain?” and another group will raise their hand. “Oh!“, they counter: “Is Britain not part of Europe?”

Anyhow, for better or for worse, Britain is leaving the European Union. It’s just a question of when. But Brexit does not mean that Britain has left the planet! We’re still here and we’re waiting to welcome you. Your London Tours chief tour administrator Frank Martins said: “Brexit for the traveller means there has rarely been a better time to tour Britain, and what with the sensible prices offered by Your London Tours, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of the current situation. So, book now!”

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