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Private tour of London's galleries and museums with an accredited guide.
For families, small groups, birthdays, etc (up to 20 persons). Subject to availability.
Timings: 2-4 hours. Guide will meet at pre-arranged time and place.
Prices (1 to 20 persons): 2 hour tour = £200.00; 4 hour tour = £300.00.
Free admission. Booking enquiries.


Some of the great cultural icons of the world can be found in London, and these 10 galleries and museums have one thing in common: they're all FREE! See below for more details of the individual attractions.

The British Library contains 14 million books. If you were to see five each day, it would take you 8,000 years to see the whole collection. However, what you can see in just the gallery tour is five of the greatest printed items in history: the world's earliest printed book, the Diamond Sutra; an original copy of the Magna Carta; Europe's earliest printed book, the Gutenberg Bible; a first edition of Shakespeare's plays; a first edition of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Much more besides in this priceless experience.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Civilization's Hall of Fame. Step into the Great Court and marvel at the magnificent glass roof. Below it are the seven million objects that make up the greatest collection of antiquities in the world. We offer four different tours of the museum.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 1: Greatest Treasures of the British Museum
This tour examines the Museum's top 10 treasures from different world cultures. From Ancient Egypt, the Mummies, Statue of Ramesses and the famous Rosetta Stone. From Ancient Assyria, the sculptures of King Sargon's Palace. From Ancient Greece, the Elgin Marbles. From the Pacific, the Easter Island Statues. From Britain, the Roman Vindolanda Tablets, the Saxon Sutton Hoo Treasure, the Viking Lewis Chessmen and the Tudor Devil’s Looking-Glass. Can we unravel these mysteries?

Option 2: Romancing the British Museum Discover the exhibits that inspired an army of dreamers to wax lyrical, such as Ramesses Statue, the Elgin Marbles, the Tomb of Mausollus and the Portland Vase. Literally mixing art with antiquities, this revealing jaunt features the Romantic antics of Byron, Keats, Shelley & co, and explores the poetic licence that inspired Tennyson, Coleridge and Yeats among others. Don't wander around the museum lonely as a cloud, immerse in verse and join us for this fascinating and unusual hike around the hallowed halls.

Option 3: British Museum at the Movies
The British Museum recently starred as a location in the Night at the Museum series of movies. This tour celebrates the Museum's role in inspiring classics for the silver screen. Join us in the company of The Mummy, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Curse of the Demon, Day of the Jackal, The Exorcist, Watchmen, and of course, Night at the Museum itself.

Option 4: Ancient Britain at the British Museum
The British Museum has items from all over the world, but this tour concentrates on specifically British roots. Exhibits from all the ancients of these islands are represented including exquisite gold work from the neolithic people, Lindow Man from the Celtic era, the Battersea Shield from the Iron Age, the Vindolanda Tablets from Roman Britain, the Hinton St Mary Mosaic from Early Chritian Britain, the Sutton Hoo Treasures from Anglo-Saxon times, and, courtesy of the Vikings, the Franks Casket and the Lewis Chessmen.

20th century museum of conflict and reconciliation. Here you will find some of the most poignant reminders of war, based, somewhat approriately, in a former asylum. Superb exhibitions reflect the brave experiences of soldiers and refugees alike. Planes, tanks and other vehicles that actually saw action are on display. Experience what life was like in the trenches of WWI or the bomb shelters of the London Blitz. There is a multitude of displays, an impressive art gallery and a fantastic shop to make your visit worthwhile.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

A Tale of One City. This quiet, hidden museum in the heart of the City of London is a real gem. The first exhibits tell the story of London from the prehistoric era through to ancient settlements. Then come the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and all leaving their footprint on the capital. The city has had its fare share of adversities, and the Black Death, the Great Fire of London and the Blitz displays demonstrate the remarkable phoenix-like qualities of the great metropolis over the centuries.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

The National Gallery contains one of the world's greatest art collections. Attracting over three million visitors a year, the gallery forms a magnificent backdrop to Trafalgar Square and has been recently refurbished. We offer four different tours of the gallery.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 1: Masterpieces of the National Gallery
Our Masterpieces tour is a good overall introduction to the collection. Gothic, Renaissance and Mannerism are displayed in the West Wing, while the North Wing is a monument to Baroque and the Dutch masters. Rococo, revolution and romanticism is the theme of the East Wing, where we also find prominent British artists alongside the great Impressionists. Your guide will showcase priceless paintings, a sort of National Gallery's greatest hits, among them: Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait, Holbein's Ambassadors; Constable's Haywain, Monet's Water Lilies and Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Option 2: Decoding the Renaissance
Our Decoding the Renaissance Tour explores hidden messages, secret symbols and mysterious meanings. Examining some of the greatest paintings from the Renaissance period, it includes priceless masters by Van Eyck, Botticelli and Holbein. The paintings are discussed mainly in chronological order to show developments in style.

Option 3: A British Canvas
The National gallery has paintings from all over the world, but this tour concentrates on specifically English artists. Highlights include paintings from the medieval period, the Reformation, 18th century masters such as Reynolds, Stubbs and Gainsborough, and Romantic daubers such as Wright, Constable and Turner.

Option 4: Sudden Impact
Experience the simply stunning wow factor of 10 heavyweight works of art including the Battle of San Romano, the Ambassadors, Whistlejacket and the Execution of Lady Jane Grey to name but a few. These paintings really pack a punch, and this tour is a real knockout!

Dinosaurs, Darwin & DNA! How's this for a two-for-one offer? The story of life on earth AND a tour of an architectural masterpiece. Amazing earth galleries tell the story of the world's origins and its fate. Incredibly lifelike animatronic dinosaurs will keep the kids quiet for a while! The silent zoo of stuffed animals is truly awesome. Live creepy-crawly area, plus reptile and bird displays too. Great for kids, fun and interactive. Hands-on Darwin Centre newly-opened. Science Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum nearby. What are you waiting for?
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Rockets, technology, the future. Loads of interactive stuff for budding Einstein’s. Rail enthusiasts will get all steamy-eyed when they see the original locomotives Puffing Billy and Stephenson’s Rocket. Great for kids, fun and interactive. Highlights include man's most famous inventions, superb displays illustrating the attempt to conquer the air, the secret life of domestic appliances, and Launch Pad, and interactive physics experiment centre for all ages. Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum nearby.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

The nation's own art collection. On the north bank of the Thames, a little distance away from central London, stands this gallery of mainly traditional British works up to 1920. It includes the English Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelites and the Turner Collection. Heavyweight highlights include Hogarth (the most jingoistic of painters?), Blake and Constable. Plus view the aquatic bints of Millais and Waterhouse and fill yourself with Bacon & Egg! That's right... Francis Bacon and Augustus Egg!
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Self-styled 'Power House of Art'. London's most popular free visitor attraction. Housed on seven floors of a huge converted power station, it contains one of the greatest collections of modern art in the world, as well as shops, cafés, and a magnificent view of the Thames. From Dali to Da-Da, from Picasso to Pop-Art, if modern art's your cup of tea, you can drink to your heart’s content. Be shocked by the new. Overcome your fear of abstract expressionism. Or smile at the emperor's new clothes.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Taste Britain: The biggest collection of decorative arts in the world. Known as the 'nation's handbag', it was built on the back of the success of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and illustrates the story of the British rich who had far too much money to burn on furbelows, fripperies and follies. Highlights include the Great Bed of Ware, Henry VIII's writing box and James II's wedding suit. So much more besides. The well-stocked shop sells examples of decorative arts as well as books, stationery and souvenirs.
● Usually open daily.
● Free entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.



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