Tailor your own day tour from London with our variety of options.

Day tour from London in private vehicle with accredited driver-guide.
For couples, families or small private groups (up to 7 persons). Subject to availability.
Timings: 9am-6pm. Pick-up and drop-off at any central London hotel or residence.
Prices: 1-2 passengers = £640.00; 3-4 pass = £680.00; 5-7 pass = £720.00.
Any admission fees are extra and usually payable on entry. Booking enquiries.

Itinerary: select any 2 from the 6 options below to create your full-day tour:

Option 1: CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL (half-day)

Almost 850 years ago, the Christian world was rocked by a shocking assassination. Thomas Beckett, one of the most powerful holy men in Europe, was murdered near the altar of his own Canterbury Cathedral on the King's authority. Sometime in the late 14th century, a few years after the great plague had ravaged the country, a London poet began writing one of the most famous books in English literature. The Canterbury Tales is the story of a group of pilgrims who set out from London to visit the holy shrine of the now sainted Thomas Beckett. What follows is a rip-roaring and frankly rude collection of tales, as apparently recorded by one of their number, Geoffrey Chaucer. We will visit Canterbury Cathedral, an awe-inspiring medieval masterpiece, and see the site of Beckett's murder and his shrine.
● Usually open daily.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 2: CHARTWELL (half-day)
Private home of Winston Churchill. As he battled to save civilization from the clutches of evil during the 1930s and 40s, how did he relax? Here’s how: the gardening, the plants, the trees, the buildings, the waters and the complete landscape here are the vision of the great man. The house itself is fascinating, and a short tour of the interiors will uncover his prolific work-rate.
● Mar-Oct: Wed-Sun; Jul-Aug: Tue-Sun.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 3: DOWN HOUSE (half-day)
The fascinating home of Charles Darwin. This is where he lived with his family and wrote most of his books, including the famous, and some might say, controversial On the Origin of Species. Follow Darwin's footsteps in his garden, full of rare plants and flowers, where he paced up and down, pondering his theories. A real insight into the man and his work.
● Open Sep-Jun: Wed-Sun; Jul-Aug: daily.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 4: DOVER CASTLE (half-day)
Dover is England’s right foot and has been the country’s front line since time immemorial. Julius Caesar was thwarted here and it became the main fortification in the Saxon shore defences. The Normans built the original castle with a warren of tunnels underneath. King Henry II had it built as a 'hospitality suite' for foreign dignitaries visiting Thomas Beckett's shrine. In England's first ever state visit, the French king Louis VII stayed here. It was then used as a defence against him, and in later centuries, Napoleon and Hitler. Simply packed with history.
● Usually open daily.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 5: HEVER CASTLE (half-day)
Childhood home of Anne Boleyn, who became the most legendary apple of Henry VIII’s roving eye. Later the home of Henry’s estranged fourth wife Anne of Cleves who died here. In the 20th century it was owned by the famous American millionaire William Waldorf Astor. It contains many Tudor artworks and artifacts, and is set in magnificent grounds with fine gardens and a maze.
● Apr-Oct: daily.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.

Option 6: LEEDS CASTLE (half-day)
Leeds Castle is an idyllic Arthurian Camelot dating back to the 11th century. A number of queens have used it as a private retreat. Henry VIII commissioned many building works for his first wife Katherine of Aragon and then used it to 'entertain' his new love Anne Boleyn. In the early 20th century it was bought by an heiress who hosted a number of celebrity parties here in the 1930s. The grounds alone are breathtaking.
● Usually open daily.
● Admission payable on entry.
● Your guide will conduct the tour.



(not including entrance fees)

TOUR BY PRIVATE CAR (1-2 passengers)

(+ any entrance fees)

TOUR BY PRIVATE CAR (3-4 passengers)

(+ any entrance fees)

TOUR BY PRIVATE CAR (5-7 passengers)

(+ any entrance fees)


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On receiving this information we will e-mail a reply confirming availability, price and payment procedure. If the tour is unavailable, eg, we are fully booked or attractions are closed, we will inform you and provide details of another operator.

When you are happy with the tour arrangements, make payment as directed. Payments can take up to 48 hrs to process. On receiving payment, we will e-mail a tour confirmation and receipt. Please check details carefully and e-mail us with any queries.

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Bookings are dealt with on a one-to-one basis via e-mail only.
To secure your preferred date we recommend booking well in advance.
We do not accept bookings with less than 72 hours notice.
All tours subject to availability. Booking will not go ahead until availability is confirmed.
Tour is not guaranteed to go ahead until 100% of payment is received.
We do not usually pre-book tickets for attractions. We recommended these are paid
  for at the gate on the day. In circumstances where pre-booking is the only option for
  attractions, tickets must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.
Administration fees may be added for extensive itineraries or advance ticket booking.
We do not arrange flights, accommodation, travel tickets or tickets for special events.
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Important note: 'Private tour' means a privately chartered guided tour. It does not entail exclusive private access. We do not offer tours to individuals wishing to join a larger group (for this you require a scheduled coach tour operator).

Timings: A recommended start time ensures the tour runs to schedule. The duration of this tour is timed from pick-up to drop-off and usually includes built-in stops for photo opportunities, facilities, and a one-hour lunch break.

Pick-up/drop-off: You can be picked-up for your tour anywhere in the central London area, whether at your hotel, place of residence, or venue of your request. The same applies as a dropping-off point after the tour. Tours from London may use fastest routes.

Vehicle: Our typical vehicle is a luxury people carrier. Usually a high-spec 7-passenger Mercedes, with leather seats, armrests, headrests, air-conditioning, tinted windows, front and rear electric sunroof, sliding passenger doors and luggage space.

Driver-Guide: Our presentable, professional and friendly guides drive fully insured private vehicles and carry the British 'Blue Badge' accreditation allowing them to conduct tours, walks and interior visits of major London venues and other UK attractions.

Tour: The main tour is conducted personally by the guide, providing knowledgeable commentary, and assisting with practical issues. Sections of the tour may be conducted by in-house docents or using audio devices, but your guide may still escort you.

Lunch: An appropriate restaurant, traditional pub, or sandwich stop can be arranged for lunch (note: tour price does not include food or refreshments). Alternatively, you may want to bring a pre-packed lunch. The guide may take a rest during this period.

Clothing: Clients should dress appropriately making allowances for the changeable British weather, outdoor activities or visiting churches, etc. Our main tip is to dress comfortably. For more tips to help make your tour even more enjoyable click here.

Format: The tour has been specially researched and designed by our staff (copyright applies) and is exclusive to Your London Tours & associates. Selected elements of different tours may be combined to create other tour options.

General: Rest assured with Your London Tours: All our tours are tailored to YOUR requirements. The guide will be exclusively dedicated to your family or group during the tour itself, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your day.


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