Copy and paste the following table into an e-mail, fill out the blank fields, and send it to us at If you are uncertain of any information at this point, just write 'unknown'. General enquiries may be sent to the same e-mail address.
On receiving this information we will e-mail a reply confirming availability, price and payment procedure. If the tour is unavailable, eg, we are fully booked or attractions are closed, we will inform you and provide details of another operator.
When you are happy with the tour arrangements, make payment as directed. Payments can take up to 48 hrs to process. On receiving payment, we will e-mail a tour confirmation and receipt. Please check details carefully and e-mail us with any queries.

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Ages of children (eg, 2, 7, 15)
Full tour pick-up address, hotel or residence
Special requirements or information

For full policies, terms & conditions click here.
Bookings are dealt with on a one-to-one basis via e-mail only.
We do not accept bookings with less than 72 hours notice.
To secure your preferred date we recommend booking well in advance.
All tours subject to availability. Booking will not go ahead until availability is confirmed.
Administration fees may be added for extensive itineraries or advance ticket booking.
We do not arrange flights, accommodation, travel tickets or tickets for special events.
We do not usually pre-book tickets for attractions. We recommended these are paid for at the gate on the day. In circumstances where pre-booking is the only option for attractions, tickets must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.

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Enter the total cost of your tour/s in GBP without the ‘£’ sign.
Click the ‘PAY NOW’ button to be taken to the payment page.
Under the ‘PAY WITH MY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD’ option, select your card type.
Follow credit/debit card payment and confirmation instructions.

Important: do not pay for a tour without our prior instruction.
GBP (£) American Express: contact us via e-mail.
GBP (£) Bank transfer (wire): contact us via e-mail.
GBP (£) PayPal (customers with PayPal accounts): contact us via e-mail.
GBP (£) Cash on the day (with deposit arrangement): contact us via e-mail.

For full policies, terms & conditions click here.
If you have any queries or concerns regarding our prices, policies, payment options, terms & conditions or general enquiries, please e-mail
Clients with queries regarding existing bookings may use the phone number on their booking confirmation form.


We offer private guided tours by car for families or small groups (up to 7 persons), or private guided walking or internal tours (up to 20 persons). 'Private tour' means privately chartered: the practical side of the tour is tailored to your request and the guide we provide is dedicated exclusively to your group on the tour itself.

We do not offer tours to individuals wishing to join a larger group tour. For that you require a scheduled service tour operator. Below is a comparison for a typical out-of-London day-tour between a scheduled service tour by coach, and a private tour with us. We leave you to decide which option offers the best value.

Scheduled service-tour:
All the main London service-tour companies operate a feeder-bus system. The feeder-bus picks up passengers from several of the main hotels and drops them at a central station to join the designated tour-bus.
• Feeder-bus pick-ups begin as early as 7am. Wait in hotel reception. Miss the feeder-bus, miss the tour.
• If your hotel is not on the feeder-bus run, you have to make your way to a hotel that is.
• Delay as feeder-buses complete pick-up runs from hotels and converge at central station.
• Delay as all passengers disembark and go to designated tour-bus gates.
• Delay as you wait in line for your designated tour-bus to arrive and then begin boarding.
• First-come, first-serve seating arrangements. Not always seated next to partners/friends/family.
• Share facilities and your day with up to 50 other passengers.
• Follow strict timing schedule and tour itinerary.
• You pay for all entrances with your ticket - whether you want to go into a venue or not.
• Get lost, delayed or distracted en route? Make your own way back.
• Guiding at tour venues usually via hand-held audio-guides.
• Group-produced set-menu lunches at operator-tied eateries.
• Limited drop-offs at London subway stations (usually during rush-hour). Make your own way back to hotel.
• For a typical London tour for a group of 7 inc 2 entrances you would pay around £700.00 per group.

Private tour:
• Request pick-up at a time that suits YOU.
• Driver-guide will personally call at YOUR place of residence.
• Service of YOUR private luxury vehicle.
• Service of YOUR friendly personal driver-guide.
• Driver-guide will confirm YOUR itinerary.
• YOU can change your itinerary (within reason) to suit.
• Tour starts when YOU are ready.
• Fast-track out to YOUR chosen tour venues.
• YOU request comfort stops for facilities.
• Tour conducted at YOUR pace.
• YOU decide if you would like time on your own.
• YOU decide which entrances you wish to pay for.
• YOUR lunch choice, or enjoy a restaurant or venue tried and trusted by us.
• Drop-off directly at YOUR place of residence.
• For a typical London tour for a group of 7 inc 2 entrances you would pay around £850.00 per group.

1) Book well in advance: It will help us to help you.
2) Travel light: One good suitcase and one carry-on bag should suffice. You'll save time, space and energy.
3) Taxi first!: Trust us on this one: When first arriving at the airport, spend the extra money and get a taxi direct to your hotel. London's public transport system is not kind to the newly-arrived visitor from overseas, so avoid unnecessary stress at the start of your trip.
4) Less is more: Don't overload your trip trying to pack everything in. You will end up seeing nothing at all. This is why we offer two or three attractions maximum to get the best value from your day.
5) Variety is the spice of life: If you are planning a day-tour for a family or group, try to select an itinerary with some balance, eg, one castle and one church or one garden and one museum, etc.
6) The early bird: The earlier you start, the more you will get out of your day. Your London Tours recommends a start between 8am and 9am for most tours. It will help you beat the lines/queues too.
7) Have a good breakfast: It will give you the energy to enjoy the early part of your tour. You may also be less inclined to have a heavy lunch. Which brings us onto...
8) Plan a light lunch: Perhaps a sandwich: It will give you more time to enjoy the rest of your tour. A heavy lunch may leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon, and thus diminish the value of your tour.
9) Dress comfortably: We mean it. Especially footwear. Make allowances for the changeable British weather. Formal wear is not required on any of our tours. However, be aware that some places, especially churches, do not welcome too much bare flesh!
10) Relax!: We all have our day-to-day stresses and strains. Taking a break with a tour is a great way to unwind. We try to encourage a friendly, informal and comfortable atmosphere between our guides and you. So relax... you're with Your London Tours!

1) Maintain our policy of offering best tours, best choice, best prices.
2) Maintain one simple price plan (as shown above) and avoid complicated tariffs.
3) Publish prices and explanatory notes for ALL our services, avoiding unlisted extras.
4) Deal directly with you, the client, without paying the 25% 'cut' to concierges for passing on business.
5) Recommend trusted lunch or refreshments options without seeking a 'cut' for those establishments.
6) Promote souvenir shops only for client advantage without seeking a 'cut' for taking clients into premises.
7) Let you choose which entrances to pay for at the venue on the day without seeking a 'cut' on entrance fees.
8) Take advantage of any discounts or special offers for entrances or services and pass them on to you.
9) Recommend another trusted operator if we cannot take your booking.
10) Offer a full immediate refund, or alternatively, a discount on a rearranged tour, if a tour cannot go ahead for any reason, and the fault is accepted by Your London Tours or its partners.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our prices, pricing policy, booking policy, payment options or terms & conditions, please e-mail

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